➢ By increasing the blood supply of the cells with the circulation-accelerating substances in hair mesotherapy;
➢ Repairs deterioration in hair structure,
➢ Increases hair quality,
➢ Adds strength and shine to worn, dull hair,
➢ Stopping spillage,
➢ Protects the moisture balance of the scalp,
➢ It is a permanent and effective method that eliminates dandruff.


It is an effective treatment method applied by injecting this special mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed by the hair into the skin with fine-tipped needles. It can even be applied in integration with the PRP method.

​The process in hair mesotherapy is a very short process applied in 5-15 minutes and does not affect the person negatively as there is no cut or scratch process. In addition, after the procedure; Effects such as pain, pain, allergic reaction, crusting, and bleeding are not observed.


Hair problems are common problems of many people, regardless of men or women. The problem of hair loss stands out at the top of these problems. Hair loss, genetic structure, improper diet, nutritional imbalance, can be caused by many health or spiritual reasons. In this case, the first thing to do is to find the underlying cause of hair loss. If the main reason determined is a health reason, the process should be supported with hair mesotherapy in addition to the medical treatment to be applied. It is a method that can be applied easily and safely to people of all ages, men and women.

In the meantime, let’s add this by opening a parenthesis immediately; You do not have to have a hair problem to apply hair mesotherapy. You can easily choose this method to see your hair brighter, healthier and stronger and get fast results. You can have the natural, healthy and strong hair you want, in an average of 4 to 10 sessions, 1 session a week.

As with all other methods, it is of great importance that the process in hair mesotherapy is applied by experts and experienced people in this field. After the necessary controls are made, you can also learn how many sessions you will have the hair you have dreamed of by your specialist.

As in the PRP method, the person can continue his daily life immediately after the application in hair mesotherapy. (You can read our article about the PRP method by clicking the link )


As with all hair transplantation and treatment methods, it is not possible to specify a number because the procedure to be applied in this method will vary from person to person. You can contact us by clicking on the about price and all other matters you are curious about, you can find answers to all your questions.

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