Eyebrow Transplantation

The eyebrow is one of the major elements of a person at first sight and affecting facial expression. Women know very well that even a single feather received can change your image instantly. The shape of a brow is that important; can show you harder than you are or can leave the beauty of your face. But a separate fact; a brow that suits your face structure will complete both your visual and psychological expression and it will take your entire beauty to the foreground.

Eyebrow planting is an application that women are usually aesthetically preferred. And also; Age factor, accident, stress or health reasons, or even spilled eyebrows start to date time. This situation is of course psychologically negatively affects the person. At this point, as First Class Esthetic, we make you want the desired image by determining the type of eyebrow in your face with the eyebrow cultivation method. We are at your service with our expert staff, modern equipment, and hygienic clinic.

Meanwhile, let’s add a footnote immediately; we mentioned that Eyebrow transplantation is often preferred by women, however, if there is a problem which they are experiencing due to an accident or health reasons, men too can prefer eyebrow transplantation.


In eyebrow transplantation, as in hair transplantation, the roots taken from the nape area with the FUE method are applied local anesthesia, allowing you to have the desired thickness or thickness of eyebrows in a short time such as 3-4 hours. After transplantation, within 1 to 3 months, the transplanted eyebrows begin to grow. The eyebrow structure is completely settled by harmonizing with your other existing eyebrows within an average of 7 – 8 months. In addition, since the transplantation process creates a natural appearance, nobody will understand that you had an eyebrow transplant operation


Spills occur in the first 15 days after transplantation and in the next 3 months. However, after this 3-month period, the transplanted eyebrows will adapt to your existing eyebrows within a maximum of 7 to 8 months and the hair loss will stop. In summary, since the eyebrow transplantation process is permanent, you will have found a radical solution to the problems you experience with eyebrows. Afterward, the only thing left for you is to crown yourself and your beauty with your smile every time you look in the mirror.


Since the number of roots that each person will need will be different, it is not possible to give a clear price here. Just imagine, we’ll take care of the rest …

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